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The Best of British

If you're looking for a cat with the cuddle factor, you can't go past a British Shorthair. 

There's something about their stocky, thick-furred bodies and endearing, chubby faces and orange eyes that just makes you want to cuddle them until Infinity.

They're a no fuss cat. In fact, so long as they have plenty of their favourite food and plenty of TLC, they're content to be on your lap or languishing in their favourite sleeping spot. They're not prone to any particular health issues and are affectionate, tolerant and playful cats. They're great with children and dogs and love to have a feline buddy to play with.

While the blue might be the most popular colour, the British are available in a range of attractive colours including chocolate, lilac (a dilution of blue and chocolate), bicolours and tricolours, as well as cream, black, cinnamon, and silver tabby (among others).