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Our darling Infinity Plenty O'Toole delivered five kittens on August 20, 2020.

Two blue boys, a lilac boy, a blue girl and a 

blue-cream tortie girl.

All have been assigned to people on our waiting list.

Infinity Plenty O'Toole

Blue Boy




Tortie Girl




Bard of Avon

Blue Boy




Blue Girl


Our darling Calico, Viola, delivered two beautiful babies 

on October 3 - a pretty calico girl 


and a blue bicolour girl.

Please note, however, that both kittens will be assigned 

to people already on our waiting list.

Our precious silver tabby, Chloris Mama Quillya, 

delivered six beautiful kittens

on October 6. 

Five silver tabbies and one almost black.

Why kittens need to stay with mum 

for 12 weeks

As a registerered breeder, Infinity British Shorthairs follows the code of practice of ANCATS, which stipulates that kittens should not leave their mothers until 

12 weeks of age.

There is sound logic and reasoning to this.

Kittens experience crucial mental, emotional, and developmental milestones between six and twelve weeks of age. Separating the kitten from its mother, siblings, and familiar surroundings at that age can cause undue anxiety, stress and potential medical problems.

A kitten's immune system is still developing between eight and 12 weeks of age. The immunity from their mother is wearing off, and the immunity from their first vaccination is just starting to take over. During this time, they are more susceptible to illness, such as upper-respiratory problems and diarrhea. Kittens generally receive vaccinations against panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calici viruses

 Immunity from vaccination does not happen immediately; shots can take up to ten days to be effective. Up until this time, kittens receive some measure of immunity through antibodies from their mother’s milk.

All Infinity kittens are vaccinated at 

eight and 12 weeks. 

Kittens are not properly weaned at eight weeks old. Weaning is a process that takes about four weeks. The kittens may start eating solid food but they are still nursing from mum. Mothers usually stop allowing kittens to nurse between 10 and 12 weeks. This process is very important, as it teaches the kitten to learn to deal positively with frustration and denial. 

It also takes until week 10 to 12 for a kitten to learn to use a litter box. Allowing for this will avoid future problems with inappropriate toileting habits when they arrive 

at their new home.

Kittens that remain with their siblings until 12 weeks also exhibit better socialisation skills, both with other cats and with humans.